Los Angeles County Probation – (CA)

11234 Valley Blvd #302
El Monte CA 91731
Phone: (626) 575-4059
Responsible For The Supervision Of Approximately 73,000 Adult And More Than 20,000 Juvenile Probationers, The Los Angeles County Probation Department Is One Of The Largest Probation Departments IN The World. It Serves All The County S Municipal And Superior Courts, Recommending Sanctions To The Court, Enforcing Court Orders, Operating Correctional Institutions, Incarcerating Delinquents, Assisting Victims And Providing Corrective Assistance To Individuals IN Conflict With The Law. Its More Than 5,200 Employees Include Probation Officers, Pretrial Release Investigators And Detention Services Officers Deployed IN Nearly 50 Locations Throughout The County. These Employees Work IN Juvenile Detention Centers, Residential Treatment Facilities And Field Services Offices. The Los Angeles County Probation Department Has A Location IN El Monte, Calif.