Parole Board – (CT)

95 Scovill St #2
Waterbury CT 6706
Phone: (203) 805-6670
Located IN Waterbury, Conn., The Parole And Community Services Division Monitors Offenders To Ensure Compliance With Their Conditions Of Release. The Division Works IN Close Conjunction With Other Law Enforcement Agencies To Provide Supervision And Monitoring Services Of Offenders. The Parole And Community Services Division Operates Under The Community Reintegration Model, Which Supports Offenders Return To Normal Life. The Division Is A Part Of The Connecticut Department Of Correction, Which Provides Medical, Mental Health And Dental Care Services. The Department Offers Substance Abuse Treatment, Counseling And Evaluation Services. The Connecticut Department Of Correction Maintains VarioUS Correctional Centers That Provide Vocational Rehabilitation And Substance Abuse Treatment Services.