San Bernardino County Juvenile – (CA)

15 W 5th St
San Bernardino CA 92415
Phone: (909) 383-2700
San Bernardino County Probation S Mission Is To Protect The Community Through Assessment, Treatment And Control Of Adult And Juvenile Offenders By Providing A Range Of Services Based On Legal Requirements And Recognized Professional Standards. The San Bernardino County Probation Department Operates Two Juvenile Hall Facilities. Central Juvenile Hall IN San Bernardino, Calif., Has A Board Of Corrections Approved Capacity Of 277 Youth, While The West Valley Juvenile Hall IN Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., Has A Capacity For 22 Youth, Which Will Increase To 182 With The Completion Of The Full Facility. Each Is Subject To Statutory Regulations For Operations And Programs. The Probation Department Is Required To House Juveniles IN A Secure, Safe And Humane Environment. Juveniles Are Detained For Court Hearings OR Under Court Orders To Effect A Return Home; For Suitable Placement; For Commitment To The California Youth Authority; For Trial Disposition IN Adult Court; And For Commitment To State Prison Via Delivery To The California Youth Authority.